Grain-like structures with minimal and maximal period sequences


Nonlinear feedback shift registers (NFSRs) are important building blocks for stream ciphers. The cascade connection of an n-stage full-length linear feedback shift register (LFSR) into an m-stage NFSR is called a Grain-like structure. In this paper, we focus on Grain-like structures which can generate minimal and maximal possible period sequences. The existence of Grain-like structures which can generate minimal possible period sequences is proved for the cases \(m=n\) and \(m>n\). The number of such Grain-like structures is estimated in both cases. Two necessary conditions are presented for Grain-like structures to generate maximal possible period sequences. Moreover, some interesting properties of such Grain-like structures are discussed.

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  • Stream ciphers
  • Nonlinear feedback shift registers
  • Cascade connection of NFSRs
  • Grain-like structures

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