Roulette games and depths of words over finite commutative rings


In this paper, we propose three new turn-based two player roulette games and provide positional winning strategies for these games in terms of depths of words over finite commutative rings with unity. We further discuss the feasibility of these winning strategies by studying depths of codewords of all repeated-root \((\alpha +\gamma \beta )\)-constacyclic codes of prime power lengths over a finite commutative chain ring \({\mathcal {R}},\) where \(\alpha \) is a non-zero element of the Teichmüller set of \({\mathcal {R}},\) \(\gamma \) is a generator of the maximal ideal of \({\mathcal {R}}\) and \(\beta \) is a unit in \({\mathcal {R}}.\) As a consequence, we explicitly determine depth distributions of all repeated-root \((\alpha +\gamma \beta )\)-constacyclic codes of prime power lengths over \({\mathcal {R}}\).

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The author A. Sharma research support by DST-SERB, India, under Grant No. EMR/2017/000662, is gratefully acknowledged.

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