Table 3 Diagnosis codes of baseline comorbidities

From: Early Treatment Uptake and Cost Burden of Hepatitis C Therapies Among Newly Diagnosed Hepatitis C Patients with a Particular Focus on HIV Coinfection

Disorder Codes
Substance use disorders  
 Alcohol use disorders ICD-9-CM: 291.xx, 303.xx, 305.0x, 535.3x’;
ICD-10-CM: F10.1x, F10.2x, F10.9x, K29.2x
 Drug use disorders ICD-9-CM: 292.xx, 304.xx, 305.2x, 305.3x, 305.4x, 305.5x, 305.6x, 305.7x, 305.8x, 305.9x, V65.42;
ICD-10-CM: F11.xx, F12.xx, F13.xx, F14.xx, F15.xx, F16.xx, F18.xx, F19.xx
Psychiatric disorders  
 Depression ICD-9-CM: 296.xx, 298.0x, 300.4x, 309.0x, 309.1x, 311.xx;
ICD-10-CM: F30.xx, F31.xx, F32.xx, F33.xx, F34.xx, F38.xx, F39.xx
 Schizophrenia ICD-9-CM: 295.xx, 301.20, 301.22;
ICD-10-CM: F20.xx, F21.xx, F22.xx, F23.xx, F24.xx, F25.xx
 Epilepsy ICD-9-CM: 345.xx;
ICD-10-CM: G40.xx
 Hepatitis A ICD-9-CM: 070.0x, 070.1x;
ICD-10-CM: B15.xx
 Hepatitis B ICD-9-CM: 070.2x, 070.3x;
ICD-10-CM: B16.xx, B18.0x, B18.1x, B19.1x
 Pancreatitis ICD-9-CM: 577.xx;
ICD-10-CM: K85.xx, K86.xx
 Anemia ICD-9-CM: 280.xx, 281.xx, 282.xx, 283.xx, 284.xx, 285.xx, 286.xx;
ICD-10-CM: D55.xx, D56.xx, D57.xx, D58.xx, D59.xx, D60.xx, D61.xx, D62.xx, D64.xx
 Diabetes ICD-9-CM: 250.xx;
ICD-10-CM: E08.xx, E09.xx, E10.xx, E11.xx, E13.xx
 Dyslipidemia ICD-9-CM: 272.xx;
ICD-10-CM: E78.xx
 Obstructive lung diseases ICD-9-CM: 490.xx, 491.xx, 492.xx, 493.xx, 494.xx, 495.xx, 496.xx, 496.xx, 500.xx, 501.xx, 502.xx, 503.xx, 504.xx, 505.xx, 506.4x;
ICD-10-CM: J40.xx, J41.xx, J42.xx, J43.xx, J44.xx, J45.xx, J47.xx, J60.xx, J61.xx, J62.xx, J63.xx, J64.xx, J65.xx, J66.xx, J67.xx, J68.xx
 Hypertension ICD-9-CM: 401.xx, 402.xx, 404.xx, 405.xx, 416.xx, 459.3x;
ICD-10-CM: I10.xx, I11.xx, I15.xx
 Congestive heart failure ICD-9-CM: 398.91, 428.xx;
ICD-10-CM: I09.81, I50.xx, I51.xx, I52.xx
 Coronary artery disease ICD-9-CM: 410.xx, 411.xx, 412.xx, 413.xx, 414.xx, V45.81, V45.82;
ICD-10-CM: I20.xx, I21.xx, I22.xx, I23.xx, I24.xx, I25.xx, Z95.1x, Z98.61
 Peripheral vascular disease ICD-9-CM: 440.xx, 441.xx, 443.xx, 444.xx, 447.xx, 557.xx;
ICD-10-CM: I70.xx, I71.xx, I72.xx, I73.xx, I74.xx, I77.xx, K55.xx
 Cerebrovascular disease ICD-9-CM: 430.xx, 431.xx, 432.xx, 433.xx, 434.xx, 435.xx, 436.xx, 437.xx, 438;
ICD-10-CM: I60.xx, I61.xx, I62.xx, I63.xx, I64.xx, I65.xx, I66.xx, I67.xx, I68.xx, I69.xx
 Chronic kidney disease ICD-9-CM: 585.xx;
ICD-10-CM: N18.xx
 Cirrhosis ICD-9-CM: 571.2x, 571.5x, 571.6x;
ICD-10-CM: K70.3x, K74.xx
 Decompensated cirrhosis ICD-9-CM: 567.0x, 567.2x, 567.8x, 567.9x, 456.0, 456.1x, 456.2x, 789.5x, 572.3x;
ICD-10-CM: R18.xx, I85.0x, K65.0x, K65.1x, K65.2x, K65.8, K65.9
 Hepatocellular carcinoma ICD-9-CM: 155.xx;
ICD-10-CM: C22.xx
 Other nonalcoholic liver conditions ICD-9-CM: 570.xx, 571.4x, 571.8x, 571.9x, 572.xx, 573.xx, 751.62;
ICD-10-CM: K71.xx, K72.xx, K73.xx, K75.xx, K76.xx, K77.xx
 Alcoholic liver conditions ICD-9-CM: 571.0x, 571.1x, 571.3x;
ICD-10-CM: K70.0x, K70.1x, K70.2x, K70.4x, K70.9x
 Liver transplant ICD-9-CM: V42.7, 996.82, 50.5x;
ICD-10-CM: Z94.4x, Z48.23, T86.4;
CPT-4 codes: 47133, 47135, 47140, 47141, 47142, 47143, 47144, 47145, 47146, 47147
 Sarcoidosis ICD-9-CM: 135.xx;
ICD-10-CM: D86.xx
 Rheumatoid arthritis ICD-9-CM: 714.xx;
ICD-10-CM: M05.xx, M06.xx
 Systemic lupus erythematosus [SLE] ICD-9-CM: 710.0x;
ICD-10-CM: M32.xx
 Pregnancy ICD-9-CM: 650.xx, 651.xx, V22.xx, V23.xx, V61.6x, V61.7x, V72.42;
ICD-10-CM: Z34.xx, Z33.1x
  1. Operational definition: At least one inpatient or outpatient claim with a respective diagnosis code in any diagnosis field