Celiac Disease Is Associated with Neurological Syndromes

  • Oya Uygur-Bayramicli
  • A. Melih Ozel

We read with interest the manuscript by Weinstock et al. [1] in which they evaluated the relationship between celiac disease and restless legs syndrome (RLS). The authors reported the incidence of RLS among 85 patients with celiac disease as 35%, with prevalence of 25%, compared with 10% of spouses (P < 0.02), and in 79% of patients with RLS and celiac disease, neuromuscular symptoms began during or after onset of gastrointestinal symptoms. They also reported that iron deficiency was present in 40% of celiac patients with active RLS compared with 6% of patients without RLS (P < 0.001) and that after 6 months of a gluten-free diet, RLS symptoms improved in 50% of 28 patients. They concluded that screening for celiac disease in patients with RLS is important, because celiac disease is commonly an overlooked silent disease and may be a correctable factor for some patients with idiopathic RLS.

We would like to report two cases of silent celiac disease, with complaints of non-specific...


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  1. 1.Department of Gastroenterology, School of MedicineMaltepe UniversityMaltepe, IstanbulTurkey

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