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Surveillance for Dysplasia in Patients with Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis for Ulcerative Colitis: An Interim Analysis

  • Jorge D. Meléndez Hernández
  • Carlos Jiménez-Huyke
  • Kathia Rosado
  • Carmen González-Keelan
  • Juan J. Lojo
  • Esther A. Torres
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The risk of developing cancer in the ileal pouch of patients with surgery for ulcerative colitis has not been defined. Dysplasia in the pouch is quite rare. Although some suggest pouch surveillance based on previous histological assessments, there are no guidelines for surveillance of these patients. The aim of our study was to investigate that risk and identify time intervals for ileoanal pouch surveillance.


Endoscopy and biopsies of the ileal pouch were performed at 3, 6, and/or 12 months after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) became functional. Biopsies were evaluated by two pathologists using Riddel’s criteria. Interim data analysis using descriptive statistics is reported.


Thirty-eight patients have entered the study. Average patient age at 3, 6, and 12 months of surveillance was 39.1, 36.8, and 39.1 years, respectively. Average disease duration was 8.2 years. Ten of 38 cases (26%) had colonic dysplasia prior to surgery. Dysplasia within the pouch was reported in one patient 6 months after IPAA became functional. This patient demonstrated no dysplasia at 12 months or statistical divergence by age, duration of disease or history of colonic dysplasia prior to IPAA. No subgroup of patients with dysplasia was identified to calculate cumulative risk or perform comparative statistical analysis.


A study with longer follow-up after IPAA should precede any attempt to recommend routine surveillance. However, the finding of dysplasia early after surgery underscores the importance of early pouch surveillance in our population, at least until definite predisposing variables are identified.


Ileal pouch-anal anastomosis Ulcerative colitis Surveillance Dysplasia 


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  • Carlos Jiménez-Huyke
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  • Kathia Rosado
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  • Carmen González-Keelan
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  • Juan J. Lojo
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  • Esther A. Torres
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  1. 1.Department of Internal MedicineUniversity of Puerto Rico School of MedicineSan JuanPuerto Rico
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