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Cell Volume Regulation During Hyperosmotic Shrinkage Is Mediated by Na+/K+-ATPase and Na+–K+–2Cl Cotransporter in Necturus Gastrics Surface Epithelial Cells

  • Outi Nylander-Koski
  • Harri Mustonen
  • Tuula Kiviluoto
  • Eero Kivilaakso


Cell volume regulation was investigated in gastric surface epithelial cells during hypertonic conditions. Isolated Necturus antral mucosa was perfused on the serosal side with Ringer's solution (pH 7.25, 95%O2/5%CO2) and on the mucosal side successively with 150–500 mM NaCl. Amiloride, ouabain, and bumetanide were used to experimentally inhibit Na+/H+, Na+/K+ ATPase or Na+–K+–2Cl ion transporters. Intracellular sodium activity and cell volume changes were measured with liquid sensor microelectrodes. The increase in intracellular sodium activity caused by luminal hyperosmolar exposure was mainly due to cell shrinkage. Inhibition of Na+/K+ ATPase or Na+–K+–2Cl cotransporter increased hyperosmotic cell shrinkage (−52 ± 5%, −85 ± 19%, and −77 ± 9% for control, ouabain, and bumetanide, respectively). Inhibition of Na+/K+ ATPase increased intracellular sodium activity (from 18 ± 4 to 52 ± 12 mM). Cell volume regulation in gastric epithelial surface cells during mucosal hyperosmolar exposure is maintained by the basolateral Na+–K+–2Cl cotransporter, while Na+/K+ ATPase maintains sodium balance, but Na+/H+ antiport seems to have a less important role.


cell volume regulation gastric mucosa microelectrodes Na+/K+ ATPase Na+–K+–2Cl cotransporter Na+/H+ exchanger 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Outi Nylander-Koski
    • 1
  • Harri Mustonen
    • 1
  • Tuula Kiviluoto
    • 1
  • Eero Kivilaakso
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of SurgeryHelsinki University Central HospitalHelsinkiFinland

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