Design Automation for Embedded Systems

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SBESC 2015 guest editors’ introduction

  • Gabriel Nazar

In 2015, the Brazilian Symposium on Computing Systems Engineering (SBESC) received 111 full submissions. Following the raking of the papers produced by the Program Committee, five papers were submitted to this special issue of Design Automation for Embedded Systems. After a strict review process, two papers were accepted for this special issue. These excellent results are now available to the readers of Design Automation for Embedded Systems!

The first paper is “Application Modeling for Performance Evaluation on Event-triggered Wireless Sensor Networks” by Lisane Brisolara de Brisolara, Paulo R. Ferreira Jr. and Leandro Soares Indrusiak. In this paper the authors propose an approach to model event-triggered wireless sensor networks (WSN). The experimental work shows that the modeling approach is able to verify the fulfillment of non-functional requirements. Authors also evaluate the effects of different spatial and temporal distribution probabilities for the workload on the performance of the modeled WSNs.

The second paper is “Testing Real-time Embedded Systems using High Level Architecture” by Jose Claudio V. S. Junior, Alisson V. Brito, Luis Feliphe Silva Costa, Tiago P. Nascimento and Elmar Uwe Kurt Melcher. In this paper the authors propose an environment for testing and simulating heterogeneous embedded systems in a distributed manner. The authors use the High Level Architecture, standardized by IEEE, as a middleware to integrate heterogeneous simulators, including actual hardware pieces. Thereby, Hardware-In-the-Loop simulation is supported by the proposed environment, which is validated via case studies and experimental measurements.

Thank you to the Program Committee and additional reviewers of SBESC 2015 for their hard work on reviewing these papers. Thank you also to the reviewers who contributed to this special issue, as well as the authors for their excellent submissions!

Guest Editor and Vice Program Chair, SBESC 2015.

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