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H.R. Heller and A. Gitterman, A. (eds.): Mental Health and Social Problems: A Social Work Perspective

New York, NY, Routlege: 2011, 514 p, $65.95 paperback, $145.00 Hardback
  • Melissa D. Grady
Book Review

For academic and clinical social workers who have been searching for a respectful text on mental health with a social work lens they now have a wonderful option. Mental health and social problems: A social work perspective edited by Nina Rovinelli Heller and Alex Gitterman is a text that provides social workers and other clinicians a biopsychosocial lens to understand the manifestations of different mental health struggles, while simultaneously providing a contextual frame for these struggles. The text is designed to describe mental health issues as outlined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM; American Psychiatric Association, American Psychiatric Association 2001) and to also provide a picture of the issues beyond a listing of symptoms. In its current format, the DSM presents each broad DSM category such as psychotic or mood disorders, the specific disorders within those, the associated symptoms for each disorder and demographic patterns in rates or manifestations of these...


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