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Robert W. Rentoul: Ferenczi’s Language of Tenderness: Working with Disturbances from the Earliest Years

Jason Aronson, New York, 2010, 191 pp, $50.00
  • Carlton Cornett
Book Review

In his (1938) Autobiography of a Purpose, William Alanson White wrote “… being a psychiatrist, I have a very keen appreciation of the fact that no life is uninteresting, that everyone is unique and that, properly told, the biography of the simplest among us would turn out to be a story of outstanding dramatic interest” (p. viii). Psychoanalytic clinicians have always realized the accuracy of White’s assertion. Further, there seems to be an increasing recognition among clinicians that it is important to know something of the background of a psychoanalytic writer. Particularly within the interpersonal and relational perspectives, we recognize that the person of the clinician/writer and her/his life experiences are inseparable from the theories about which s/he writes (Cornett 2008).

Robert W. Rentoul’s Ferenczi’s Language of Tenderness: Working with Disturbances from the Earliest Years, is commendable in this regard. Rentoul’s book is, at its heart, a fascinating study of one...


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