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PLAY THERAPY WITH ADOLESCENTS, Gallo-Lopez, L. and Schaefer, C.E. (Eds.), Lanham. Maryland: Jason Aronson, 2005, 296 pp.
  • Jennifer Linnman
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Beginning, intermediate, and advanced practitioners will find Play Therapy with Adolescents of interest. The chapters are written by some of the leading therapists in the field, all asserting that there are viable alternatives to talk therapy with adolescents. Due to this population being stuck somewhere between childhood and adulthood, play is espoused as an important medium to make available to this population. Indeed, many of the authors would probably argue that the play therapy techniques described in the book would be appropriate with adult clients also.

The book is well written and provides thorough explanations of how to carry out different types of therapy with varying populations. Beginning practitioners will learn the basics such as how to set up a play/therapy room, and more advanced practitioners will be interested in specific ideas of alternative techniques to use with this difficult population.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on different...

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