Critical Criminology

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Opening Up the Imagination: On Being Mentored by Jock Young

  • Albert de la Tierra

It is largely thanks to Jock Young that I was able to endure my first year of doctoral study. Were it not for him I would have never returned to New York City, nor would I have thought twice about my decision to leave the academy. However, the part he played in my life as a teacher, and as a mentor, during that difficult first year encouraged me to work through my discomfort with (in) the academy. Thus, when I did return to start my second year of graduate school I was more than excited to sit and catch up with him.

I wanted to thank Jock for the crucial role he played in reminding me of the importance of our line of work. I looked forward to sharing with him my newfound excitement for my future as a critical scholar. Most of all, I wanted to simply have a drink and chat with my friend about our travels and experiences during our summer apart. Instead, my first meeting with Jock during the fall 2013 semester was marked by pain and discomfort.

By then, the state of his health had...


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