Critical Criminology

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Pietro Saitta, Joanna Shapland and Antoinette Verhage (eds): Getting By or Getting Rich: The Formal, Informal and Criminal Economy in a Globalized World

Eleven International Publishing, The Hague, Netherlands, 2013, 409 pp
  • Stuart Henry
Book Review

In the 40 years since studies of the informal economy began much as been written about its definition, types, scope and extent. But much remains the same, not least: whether it is separate or integral to the formal economy; whether it is caused by government control or by structural inequality; whether it is a refuge for the poor or a fulcrum of opportunity; or whether it exploits the marginalized or liberates them from state and corporate control. From the critical criminologists’ perspective, a key question is whether the informal economy is a residue of corporate capitalism, or the contested site of resistance to powerful domination.

These are the pivotal themes that characterize informal economies, as Joanna Shapland points out in her concluding chapter to Getting By or Getting Rich, and which recur through the 18 chapters of this 400 page edited collection that emerged from two European seminars on formal, informal and criminal economies held in 2011 and 2012. As Pietrow Saitta...

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