Critical Criminology

, Volume 19, Issue 1, pp 89–90 | Cite as

Dina Perrone: The High Life: Club Kids, Harm, and Drug Policy

Criminal Justice Press, Monsey, New York, 2009, 241 pp
  • Wilson R. Palacios

A consistent theme across Dina Perrone’s numerous publications to date is the intersection of culture, drug use/abuse, risk reduction, and drug policies. Perrone’s The High Life: Club Kids, Harm, and Drug Policy represents not only a “roadmap” of this young scholar’s enduring analytical framework and thematic research lens but stands as a contemporary ethnography of club culture and the men and women, i.e. club-kids, who create a sense of “community”; a culture advocating a common-sense approach in all aspects of club culture, including the use of illicit drugs. Through the shared spectacle of music and illicit drug use, Perrone’s club-kids are a stark contrast to the shared stereotype of the illicit drug user that permeates throughout the scientific research community and American antidrug policies. It is the empirical deconstructing of this stereotype which is the hallmark for most of Perrone’s work and The High Lifeis no exception. This ethnographic account brings to the...

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