Crime, Law and Social Change

, Volume 66, Issue 1, pp 101–103 | Cite as

Marco Arnone/Leonardo S. Borlini: Corruption – Economic Analysis and International Law

Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2014
  • Olaf Meyer

This volume is the result of the joint efforts of an economist and a lawyer to explore the multi-faceted phenomenon of corruption from the viewpoint of their respective disciplines. The concept is not interdisciplinary in the strict sense, i.e., it is not a hybrid of the methodologies belonging to the different fields. Rather, the book is divided into two parts, the first on economic studies on corruption and the second on the international legal framework. The resulting work is a rich, up-to-date compilation of current anti-corruption research.

The working definition of corruption chosen for this volume was very much influenced by the specific topics that were examined. As regards the legal part, this follows the material scope of application of the international conventions it examines with their casuistic elements. In the economics part, however, the search for a general definition of corruption is more difficult. Here the authors follow the traditional description going back to Senturia...

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