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Ko-Lin Chin and James O. Finckenauer: Selling sex overseas: Chinese women and the realities of prostitution and global sex trafficking

New York: New York University Press. 2012. xi, 311 pp. $75 (cloth), $26 (paper). ISBN: 9780814772584 (paper), 9780814772577 (cloth)
  • Tiantian Zheng
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Based on interviews of prostitutes, sex ring operators, government officials, law enforcers, NGO workers key informants, and observations of sex venues in ten research sites in Asia and the U.S. from December 2006 to August 2008, the authors repudiate moral crusaders’ claims about prostitution and sex trafficking. Further, they argue that violence was rare in prostitution, that no violence, control, or exploitation was used by the people who helped the women sell sex, that the majority of the women were able to return home with quite a substantial amount of money, and that no “evil” traffickers were involved in the transnational migration of Chinese women. Indeed, the authors assert that the people who helped the women cross borders were neither professionals nor full-time “traffickers” as portrayed in the trafficking literature, and that the migrant sex workers were also not helpless victims as depicted in the media. Rather, these women were “ferocious dragons,” who, in their own...


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