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  • Laura De Fazio


This thematic issue aims to present the state of the art on the knowledge of stalking in Europe, which started to develop in the mid-1990s when the subject became a social and legal concern in some European countries. The debate took place in a limited number of countries and involved academics, legislators and women’s associations, which stressed the high prevalence of the phenomenon in the general population and also the need to criminalize the behaviour in order to provide better protection for victims.

The social and legal interest in stalking has had a very different development across European countries and it is not possible to find the same level of synchronicity and uniformity that characterized the study and the interest for the subject in all the US states, particularly with regard to the creation of anti-stalking laws.

In Europe, only some countries have done epidemiological studies on the prevalence of stalking, and looking at the results it seems possible to...


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