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JCP Book Notes “Economics & Social Sciences” 1/2010

Book Notes

Kristin Asdal and Eivind Jacobsen (Eds.): Forbrukerens ansvar. Oslo: Cappelen Damm, 2009. ISBN 978-8-202-30639-7. 360 pp., NOK 428.00.

This reader entitled “consumers’ responsibility” compiles 12 papers from the field of consumer research in Norway. All contributions address the issue of consumer responsibility, but from very different perspectives. The contributors investigate consumption in different areas including: female (over-)consumption, animal welfare, overweight and fitness, internet gaming, nanoproducts, environmental responsibility, personal debt, choice editing, and housework. The authors come from a variety of backgrounds and apply different social-scientific methods. Key questions raised throughout the book are: what kinds of responsibility are ascribed to consumers? What qualifications do they have for acting responsibly through our purchase and use of goods and services? How are they held accountable in this neo-liberal age?

Regine Barth and Franziska Wolff (Eds.):...

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