A New Chromene Derivative from Alternaria sp. ZG22

A new chromene derivative, alternapyran (1), along with three known compounds (2–4), was isolated from the Alternaria sp. ZG22 obtained from a Dasymaschalon rostratum collected from the Hainan. The structure of the new compound 1 was elucidated by NMR and mass spectroscopic data. Compounds 2 and 3 showed broad spectrum antibacterial activity against four terrestrial pathogenic bacteria.

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Fig. 1.


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This work was supported by the Key Research and Development Project of Hainan Province (ZDYF2018164); the Scientific research Project of Hainan Province colleges and universities (Hnky2017-87); the Undergraduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (cxcyxj2018008, cxcyxj2018010); the Natural Science Foundation of Hainan Province (218QN234); the Innovative Research Team Project of the Ministry (IRT-16R19); the Special projects of the central government for the development of local science and technology (ZY2018HN07); the National Natural Science Foundation of China (21362009, 81360478); International S&T cooperation Program of China (ISTCP) (2014DFA40850).

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Correspondence to Xiao-Ping Song or Chang-Ri Han.

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Published in Khimiya Prirodnykh Soedinenii, No. 3, May–June, 2020, pp. 355–356.

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  • Alternaria sp.
  • chromene
  • antibacterial activity