Community Mental Health Journal

, Volume 53, Issue 6, pp 672–678

Integrating the Integrated: Merging Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment (IDDT) with Housing First

Brief Report


This study reports on a housing program that merged two evidence-based practices frequently applied in tandem: Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment and Housing First. Quantitative measures show that consumers in the program were receptive to supportive housing and core services. These quantitative measures, when considered alongside qualitative interviews, suggest that in order for more consumers to move through the IDDT stages of educational and vocational advancement, the staff will need to emphasize the permanence of supportive housing. Thus, the study also demonstrates the importance of integrating results of qualitative evaluations with quantitative data to strengthen a program’s evidence base.


Homeless Housing first Integrated dual disorder treatment Assertive community treatment Evidence-based practice 

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  1. 1.Program Evaluation and Research UnitUniversity of Pittsburgh School of PharmacyPittsburghUSA

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