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  • Menahem Krakowski
Book Review

SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR. THEORIES AND RESEARCH FINDINGS, edited by Diego De Leo, Unni Bille-Brahe, Ad Kerkhof, Armin Schmidtke. Hogrefe and Huber: Seattle, WA, 2004. 336 pp. $49.95 (hardcover).

The book includes information on a broad range of topics, including detailed discussions of attitudes towards suicide, the epidemiology of suicidal behavior, gender differences, suicidal behavior in particular groups (including immigrants, the aged and the young), the association with drug addiction, physical illness and seasonality.

The focus of the book is on attemptedsuicide, or parasuicide, as a separate entity from suicide itself. In one of the introductory chapters, the comprehensive category of “non-fatal suicidal behavior, with or without injuries” is advocated instead of attempted suicide. This is further defined as “A non-habitual act with nonfatal outcome that the individual, expecting or taking the risk, to die or to inflict bodily harm, initiated and carried out with the purpose of...

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