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Compliance with Mental Health and Other Specialty Care Referrals among Medicare/Medicaid Dual Enrollees

  • Ramin Mojtabai
Brief Reports


Objectives: To examine and compare non-compliance with mental health and other specialty referrals among low-income elderly.

Methods: A survey of 2,128 community-dwelling elderly assessed mental health and other specialty referral in the past year and compliance with these referrals. Non-compliant participants and those who had encountered difficulties in arranging referral appointments were asked about the barriers.

Results: 16.7% with mental health referrals vs. 4.8% with other specialty referrals did not comply (p < .001). The main reason for non-compliance with mental health referrals was lack of perceived need.

Discussion: Lack of perceived need for professional help is a major barrier to specialty mental health care.


mental health referral specialty care referral primary care elderly Medicare/Medicaid dual enrollees. 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PsychiatryBeth Israel Medical CenterNew York

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