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Towards a hierarchical parametrization to address prior uncertainty in ensemble-based data assimilation

  • Alexandre Anozé Emerick


Ensemble-based methods are becoming popular assisted history matching techniques with a growing number of field applications. These methods use an ensemble of model realizations, typically constructed by means of geostatistics, to represent the prior uncertainty. The performance of the history matching is very dependent on the quality of the initial ensemble. However, there is a significant level of uncertainty in the parameters used to define the geostatistical model. From a Bayesian viewpoint, the uncertainty in the geostatistical modeling can be represented by a hyper-prior in a hierarchical formulation. This paper presents the first steps towards a general parametrization to address the problem of uncertainty in the prior modeling. The proposed parametrization is inspired in Gaussian mixtures, where the uncertainty in the prior mean and prior covariance is accounted by defining weights for combining multiple Gaussian ensembles, which are estimated during the data assimilation. The parametrization was successfully tested in a simple reservoir problem where the orientation of the major anisotropic direction of the permeability field was unknown.


Ensemble-based methods Data assimilation History matching Prior uncertainty Gaussian mixture 


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