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Parallel inexact constraint preconditioning for ill-conditioned consolidation problems

  • Carlo Janna
  • Massimiliano Ferronato
  • Giuseppe Gambolati
Original Paper


Constraint preconditioners have proved very efficient for the solution of ill-conditioned finite element (FE) coupled consolidation problems in a sequential computing environment. Their implementation on parallel computers, however, is not straightforward because of their inherent sequentiality. The present paper describes a novel parallel inexact constraint preconditioner (ParICP) for the efficient solution of linear algebraic systems arising from the FE discretization of the coupled poro-elasticity equations. The ParICP implementation is based on the use of the block factorized sparse approximate inverse incomplete Cholesky preconditioner, which is a very recent and effective development for the parallel preconditioning of symmetric positive definite matrices. The ParICP performance is experimented with in real 3D coupled consolidation problems, proving a scalable and efficient implementation of the constraint preconditioning for high-performance computing. ParICP appears to be a very robust algorithm for solving ill-conditioned large-size coupled models in a parallel computing environment.


Preconditioning Parallel computing Iterative methods Coupled consolidation 

Mathematics Subject Classifications (2010)

65F08 65F10 65Y05 68W10 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Carlo Janna
    • 1
  • Massimiliano Ferronato
    • 1
  • Giuseppe Gambolati
    • 1
  1. 1.Department Mathematical Models and Methods for Scientific ApplicationsUniversity of PadovaPaduaItaly

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