Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds

, Volume 54, Issue 3, pp 269–279 | Cite as

Transition metal-promoted reactions of diarylphosphine oxides as a synthetic method for organophosphorus heterocyclic compounds

  • Yulia H. BudnikovaEmail author

The present work considers main achievements and modern trends in methods of synthesis of organophosphorus heterocyclic compounds through mainly radical phosphorylation of the C(sp2)–H bonds of unsaturated compounds catalyzed by metal salts and complexes. It also summarizes new ways of obtaining both phosphorous cycles (P-cycles) and heterocycles with another heteroatom (N, O, etc.) containing an external organophosphorus substituent. The most important and promising areas of recent years including the synthesis of 1-benzophospholes, arylphosphonates, phosphines, and phosphine oxides are highlighted. The reactions of phosphorylation/cyclization with acetylene, 2-isocyanobiphenyl, alkynoates, and olefins are analyzed. The assumed mechanisms and intermediates in the reactions of formation of the C–P bond are considered. New 1-benzophosphole oxides possessing photochromic, fluorescent, and some other optical properties are described. The work draws attention to the potential of this intensively developed direction of the organoelemental chemistry in last 5 years.


alkene alkyne metal radical cyclization phosphorylation 


The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (grant № 14-23-00016).


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