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1. General Statement

1.1. The Journal “Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds” publishes original papers, letters to the Editor, reviews, and minireviews dealing with the problems of heterocyclic chemistry in Russian and English. The Journal also publishes reviews and annotations on new books, as well as brief reports on scientific congresses, symposia, conferences, etc. in the field of heterocyclic chemistry, the materials dedicated to chemists-heterocyclists.

The manuscript should be concisely written, thoroughly drawn up, and edited. It should be easy to understand, and the results should be reproducible.

1.2. Original papersmay concern synthesis, structure, reactions, and properties of heterocyclic compounds, as well as their pharmacological properties. Transformations of substituents in a heterocycle may be considered when their character is specific, due to a special effect of the heterocyclic system. The author is fully responsible for the reliability of experimental data...

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