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Emily M. Bender: Linguistic fundamentals for natural language processing: 100 essentials from morphology and syntax

Morgan-Claypool, San Rafael, CA, USA, 2013, xviii + 166 pp
  • Francis Morton Tyers
Book review

Linguistic Fundamentals for Natural Language Processing is a compact reference work aimed at researchers and students in the field of NLP who do not have a background in linguistics. As the subtitle, 100 Essentials from Morphology and Syntax suggests, the book mainly concerns itself with morphology and syntax. The author is Emily M. Bender, who is well known for her work on HPSG grammars. The book has a lot to offer readers of this journal, as many of the “fundamentals” she presents are directly applicable to machine translation; what is more, in a few cases she points the reader to recent MT research (e.g. on page 40 Le Nagard and Koehn 2010; and on page 88 Shen et al. 2010) related to the problem at hand.

The book gives 100 fundamentals organised into ten chapters. Each fundamental is a short, one-paragraph to two-page explanation of a problem in linguistics. Chapter 1 (10 pages) gives a general introduction to the book. Chapters 2–4 (42 pages) discuss morphology, while chapters 5–9...


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