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COAP 2012 Best Paper Prize


Each year, the editorial board of Computational Optimization and Applications (COAP) selects a paper from the preceding year’s publications for the Best Paper Award. In 2012, 133 papers were published by COAP. The recipients of the 2012 Best Paper Award are Chungen Shen of Shanghai Finance University, Sven Leyffer of Argonne National Laboratory, and Roger Fletcher of the University of Dundee for their paper “A nonmonotone filter method for nonlinear optimization” published in volume 52 pages 583–607. This article highlights the research related to the award winning paper.

The paper describes a new nonmonotone globalization strategy for nonlinearly constrained optimization. In particular, the paper describes a trust-region sequential quadratic programming (SQP) method and introduces a nonmonotone filter method that promotes global convergence from remote starting points. The use of a nonmonotone filter leads to a proof of fast local convergence near regular minimizers without the need...


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