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Normal cryptogroups with an associate subgroup

  • Mario Petrich


Let S be a semigroup. For a, xS such that a = axa, we say that x is an associate of a. A subgroup G of S which contains exactly one associate of each element of S is called an associate subgroup of S. It induces a unary operation in an obvious way, and we speak of a unary semigroup satisfying three simple axioms.

A normal cryptogroup S is a completely regular semigroup whose H -relation is a congruence and S/H is a normal band. Using the representation of S as a strong semilattice of Rees matrix semigroups, in a previous communication we characterized those that have an associate subgroup.

In this paper, we use that result to find three more representations of this semigroup. The main one has a form akin to the one of semigroups in which the identity element of the associate subgroup is medial.


semigroup normal cryptogroup associate subgroup representation strong semilattice of semigroups Rees matrix semigroup 

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  • Mario Petrich
    • 1
  1. 1.Bol, BračCroatia

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