The application of particle swarm optimization for the training of neural network in English teaching

  • Xiaoli Huang
  • Fanlei Kong


Particle swarm optimization and neural network algorithm are very novel computer intelligent algorithms, and with the development of computer technology, these algorithms have been applied to various fields. Because of obvious advantages, in this paper, the particle swarm optimization and neural network algorithms were applied to English teaching. English is an international language, and the teaching of English is the basis of learning English. Therefore, the study of English teaching can promote the process of internationalization, which is more convenient to spread the knowledge of different countries, and it also makes the economic trades between different countries go on faster. Therefore, the use of particle swarm optimization in the training of the neural network and its application in English teaching are subjects that are worthy of study. In this paper, the current research status at home and abroad was firstly analyzed, and the shortcomings of the traditional algorithms were improved; then, the improved algorithm was applied to the study of English teaching; finally, the effectiveness of the algorithm was verified by the experiment simulation.


Particle swarm optimization Neural network algorithm English teaching Intelligent algorithm 


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  1. 1.School of International StudiesUniversity of Science and Technology LiaoningAnshanChina
  2. 2.Liaoning Zhuoyi Technology Co., Ltd.YingkouChina

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