Image fusion for MODIS and Landsat images using top hat based moving technique with FIS

  • R. Swathika
  • T. Sree Sharmila


The image fusion technique is widely used in various applications like military, remote sensing, security and medical imaging. In image fusion, two different images with similar index is fused to extract the exact information. The Landsat and Moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer images taken from artificial satellite are not perfectly distinguishable. The principal component analysis, discrete cosine transform and discrete wavelet transform with spatial frequency are the existing methods used for fusing images. The principal component analysis and discrete cosine transform were applicable only for low precision and low quality applications. Also, the output image faced drawbacks that resulted in blurred image with low recognition rate. In order to obtain image clarity and accuracy, the top hat based moving technique with fuzzy inference system is proposed in this paper. The white top hat and black top hat techniques filter the light and dark character of the image. Then the fusion is performed by fuzzy inference system. The proposed method is used to retrieve satellite images which are highly informative and the image clarity is also high since the entropy value of the proposed method is high when compared to other conventional techniques. The proposed method has higher PSNR value compared with the state-of-the-art techniques which indicates the proposed fused image has good quality.


Discrete wavelet transform Moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer Principal component analysis Top hat based moving technique with fuzzy inference system 


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