Cluster Computing

, Volume 19, Issue 3, pp 1163–1182 | Cite as

Energy aware resource allocation of cloud data center: review and open issues

  • Nasrin Akhter
  • Mohamed Othman


The demand for cloud computing is increasing dramatically due to the high computational requirements of business, social, web and scientific applications. Nowadays, applications and services are hosted on the cloud in order to reduce the costs of hardware, software and maintenance. To satisfy this high demand, the number of large-scale data centers has increased, which consumes a high volume of electrical power, has a negative impact on the environment, and comes with high operational costs. In this paper, we discuss many ongoing or implemented energy aware resource allocation techniques for cloud environments. We also present a comprehensive review on the different energy aware resource allocation and selection algorithms for virtual machines in the cloud. Finally, we come up with further research issues and challenges for future cloud environments.


Virtualization Allocation of virtual machine Energy efficiency Power consumption Cloud computing 



This work was supported by the Malaysian Ministry of High Education under the Fundamental Research Grant Scheme, FRGS/02/01/12/1143/FR.


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