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Table 2 Cost estimates of Hurricane Harvey attributable to climate change presuming an actual total cost of US$90Bn using mechanistic and probabilistic attribution statements from previous publications. RW Risser and Wehner 2017, VO van Oldenborgh et al. 2017, W Wang et al. 2018

From: Attributable human-induced changes in the magnitude of flooding in the Houston, Texas region during Hurricane Harvey

Source Greater Houston attributable flood area increase Mechanistic attributable cost PR/probability ratio (P1/P0) Fractional attributable risk: FAR Probabilistic attributable cost
Best estimate as defined by Frame et al. 14% US$13Bn 4 0.75 US$67Bn
RW Best estimate (small region); W upper bound 29% US$26Bn 8 0.88 US$79Bn
RW Best estimate large region) 18% US$16Bn 5 0.80 US$72Bn
W best estimate 15% US$14Bn  
RW likely lower bound (small region 14% US$13Bn 3.5 0.71 US$64Bn
VO upper bound 14% US$13Bn 5 0.80 US$72Bn
W lower bound 10% US$9Bn  
VO lower bound 6% US$5Bn 1.5 0.33 US$30Bn
RW likely lower bound; large region 5% US$5Bn 1.7 0.41 US$37Bn