Climatic Change (2020) 163:1659–1673

The original article has been corrected. Fig. 3 has been replaced:

figure a

Changes in primary energy supply in 2050 (a) and 2100 (b) in terms of the CO2 budget by 2011–2100 cumulative fossil fuels and industry (FFI) emissions. The left panels show the full-technology series (B:Full/E:On) over the same range as in Fig. 2; the right panels compare multiple series at the high, low, and very low budgets as well as at the baseline, where bar charts are presented for the series that attain the specific budget levels. Attached numbers in percentage and those in parentheses represent changes by inactivating advanced end-use technologies (AET) in the total primary energy and the share of bioenergy in those changes, respectively. Biomass without CCS (“Bio” in the legend) includes exogenous traditional use, about 14 and 9 EJ/year in 2050 and 2100, respectively. Cumulative FFI CO2 emissions in the baseline are 5566 and 5699 GtCO2 in the full-technology and its variant without the AET (B:Full/E:Off) series.