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Gas phase chemistry of the transactinides

  • A. Türler
Chemistry of Actinide and Trans-actinide Elements


In the past few years the gas phase chemistry of the first three transactinide elements rutherfordium (element 104), dubnium (element 105) and seaborgium (element 106) has been studied experimentally using OLGA, the On-line Gas chemistry Apparatus, developed at Paul Scherrer Institute. In each experiment, the investigated transactinide element was identified by measuring the characteristic decay properties of its isotopes. In the chemistry of rutherfordium and dubnium evidence for relativistic effects were found, as predicted previously in theoretical calculations. For the first time, the volatility of Sg oxychlorides in comparison to its lighter homologues W and Mo was measured. Also, the half-lives and SF-branches of the nuclides 265Sg and 266Sg were determined. Finally, prospects for a chemical separation of bohrium (element 107) and hassium (element 108) using gas phase chemistry will be discussed.


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  • A. Türler
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  1. 1.Labor für Radio- und UmweltchemiePaul Scherrer InstitutVilligen PSISwitzerland

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