Czechoslovak Journal of Physics

, Volume 54, Supplement 4, pp 295–298 | Cite as

Magnetism and Fine Electronic Structure of UPd2Al3 and NpPd2Al3

  • R. J. Radwanski
  • Z. Ropka


We claim the existence of the f3 (U3+) configuration in UPd2Al3. It is in agreement with inelastic-neutron-scattering (INS) excitations and is consistent with the trivalent neptunium configuration in NpPd2Al3. We have derived a set of CEF parameters for the U3+ state that better reproduces the INS excitations and temperature dependence of the heat capacity. On the basis of the crystal-field theory, extended to the Quantum Atomistic Solid State Theory (QUASST) we argue that the uranium magnetic moment amounts to 1.7-1.8 μB at 0 K and the Np moment in NpPd2Al3 points along the hexagonal c axis.


crystalline Electric Field heavy fermion magnetism UPd2Al3 NpPd2Al3 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • R. J. Radwanski
    • 1
  • Z. Ropka
    • 2
  1. 1.Center of Solid State Physics
  2. 2.Center of Solid State Physics

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