Chromosome Research

, Volume 23, Supplement 1, pp 1–157 | Cite as

10th European Cytogenetics Conference 2015

4–7 July 2015, Strasbourg – France


This Supplement of Chromosome Research contains abstracts of the invited lectures and submitted oral and poster presentations at the 10th European Cytogenetics Conference held on 4–7 July 2015 in Strasbourg.

It was 150 years ago, in 1865, that Mendel first presented his paper on Experiments on Plant Hybridization at the Natural History Society in Brno (now in Czech Republic); the paper was published the following year. Gregor Johann Mendel was a German-speaking Augustinian friar who carried out his now famous experiments on pea plants in the experimental garden at his monastery. He studied seven characteristics of pea plants: plant height, pod shape and colour, seed shape and colour, and flower position and colour. He coined the terms ‘recessive’ and ‘dominant’ in reference to certain traits and he demonstrated the actions of invisible ‘factors’—now called genes—that provided for visible traits in predictable ways. He kept meticulous records of his observations and based on...

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