Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

, Volume 39, Issue 7, pp 1069–1069 | Cite as

Correction to: Mammalian Target of Rapamycin 2 (MTOR2) and C-MYC Modulate Glucosamine-6-Phosphate Synthesis in Glioblastoma (GBM) Cells Through Glutamine: Fructose-6-Phosphate Aminotransferase 1 (GFAT1)

  • Bo LiuEmail author
  • Huan-Kai Yao

Correction to: Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (2019) 39:415–434

The original version of this article unfortunately contained an error in author group. The authors Yi-Xiang See, Xin Chen, Zi-Kai Chen and Ze-Bin Huang were inadvertently included in the article.

The correct author group is presented with this erratum.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Molecular GeneticsUniversity of Maryland School of MedicineBaltimoreUSA
  2. 2.Department of Otorhinolaryngology Head & Neck SurgeryUniversity of Maryland School of MedicineBaltimoreUSA
  3. 3.Faculty of Health SciencesUniversity of MacauHengqinChina

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