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The local standard of rest and the well in the velocity distribution

  • Charles Francis
  • Erik Anderson
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It is now recognised that the traditional method of calculating the LSR fails. We find an improved estimate of the LSR by making use of the larger and more accurate database provided by XHIP and repeating our preferred analysis from Francis and Anderson (New Astron 14:615–629, 2009a). We confirm an unexpected high value of \(U_0\) by calculating the mean for stars with orbits sufficiently inclined to the galactic plane that they do not participate in bulk streaming motions. Our best estimate of the solar motion with respect to the LSR \((U_0, V_0, W_0) = (14.1\, \pm \, 1.1, 14.6\, \pm \, 0.4, 6.9\, \pm \, 0.1)\) km s\(^{-1}\).


Stars: kinematics Stars: statistics Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics  Galaxy: solar neighbourhood 


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