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, Volume 10, Issue 2, pp 110–116 | Cite as

APUSM technology for the production of BTX and LPG from pyrolysis gasoline using metal promoted zeolite catalyst

  • Sun Choi
  • Seung Hoon Oh
  • Yong Seung Kim
  • Kyeong Hak Seong
  • Byeung Soo Lim
  • Jong Hyung Lee


SK Corporation developed an advanced pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) upgrading (APUSM) technology based on a catalytic process for producing valuable benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTX) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from pygas containing aromatics and non-aromatic hydrocarbons. Hydrodealkylation of heavy aromatics and hydrocracking of non-aromatic hydrocarbons occurred with facility in the conversion of pygas over a proprietary catalyst, metal promoted zeolite. This catalytic process produced benzene and toluene with high purity corresponding to chemical grade while giving mixed xylenes with reduced ethylbenzene. In the present study, we described novel features of the APUSM technology in terms of the process and catalyst. The influence of the process conditions was also examined. This technology has been commercially proven, and hence is available for licensing through Axens, which is a major engineering and licensing company.


pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) BTX LPG hydrocracking hydrodealkylation zeolite metal 


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  • Sun Choi
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  • Seung Hoon Oh
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  • Yong Seung Kim
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  • Kyeong Hak Seong
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  • Byeung Soo Lim
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  • Jong Hyung Lee
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  1. 1.Corporate R&D CenterSK CorporationYusung-gu, DaejeonKorea

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