Hydrogenation of Aliphatic Nitriles to Primary Amines over a Bimetallic Catalyst Ni25.38Co18.21/MgO–0.75Al2O3 Under Atmospheric Pressure


A mixed oxide supported bimetallic catalyst Ni25.38Co18.21/MgO–0.75Al2O3 was readily prepared and found to be efficient in the hydrogenation of valeronitrile (VN) to amylamine (AA) under atmospheric pressure. Under the optimal conditions: H2 to VN molar ratio of 4:1, NH3 to VN molar ratio of 3:1, reaction temperature of 130 °C and residence time of 5 s, the conversion of VN reached 100% with a AA yield of 70.8%, and a diamylamine (DAA) yield of 25.9%. This catalyst was also active in the hydrogenation of other low carbon aliphatic nitriles to their corresponding primary amines. The characterization results revealed that the catalyst had the properties of large surface area, uniform and fine dispersion of metal particles in the form of Ni/Co alloy with synergy effect between the two metals, which endowed the catalyst with good catalytic performances in the hydrogenation reaction of aliphatic nitriles.

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We thank the financial support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 21476057), the Central Government Guides Local Science and Technology Development Project (Grant No. 206Z4001G) and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province of China (Grant No. B2016202393).

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  • Ni/Co bimetallic catalyst
  • Nitrile hydrogenation
  • Valeronitrile
  • Amylamine
  • Mixed MgO–Al2O3 support