Synergistic Catalytic Effect of N-Hydroxyphthalimide/Cobalt Tetraamide Phthalocyanine and Its Application for Aerobic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons and Alcohols


The activation of oxygen for selective oxidation of organic molecules, such as hydrocarbons and alcohols, remains a major catalytic challenge. We have developed a catalytic system combining N-hydroxyphthalimide (NHPI) with cobalt tetraamide phthalocyanine [CoPc(CONH2)4] for the oxidation of hydrocarbons and alcohols at 75 °C under an oxygen atmosphere. CoPc(CONH2)4 was synthesized by trimellitic anhydride-urea method, and its structure was confirmed by FT-IR, UV–Vis and XRD. This catalyst, in synergy with NHPI/O2 system, exhibited excellent catalytic ability and high selectivity in the oxidation of hydrocarbons and alcohols. Based on the experimental results, a reasonable reaction mechanism was proposed for the oxidation of alkanes and alcohols, respectively.

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Cobalt tetraamide phthalocyanine (CoPc(CONH2)4) was synthesized by a simple solid-thermal method, and the synergistic catalysis oxidation of NHPI and CoPc(CONH2)4 was studied. A synergistic catalysis system for the aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons and alcohols by N-hydroxyphthalimide combined with cobalt tetraamide phthalocyanine has been developed.

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