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, Volume 139, Issue 1–2, pp 17–25 | Cite as

Assessment of the Catalytic Activities of Novel Brönsted Acidic Ionic Liquid Catalysts

  • Rajendra Srivastava


Brönsted acidic ionic liquids (BILs) were synthesized by a two step synthetic protocol. Catalytic activities of BILs were assessed by means of suitable catalytic reactions such as acylation of 2-methoxynapthalene with acetic anhydride, Biginelli reaction to synthesize 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one, stereoselective synthesis of β-amino ketone via direct Mannich-type reaction and esterification of hexanoic acid with benzyl alcohol. Catalytic activities of BILs were high when compared with those of solid acid catalysts such as ZSM-5, beta, dealuminated beta and Al-SBA-15. BILs catalysts were found to be highly stereo/regio-selective for above mentioned reactions. Novel BILs catalyst offers several attractive features such as low cost, high catalytic activity/selectivity and recyclability.

Graphical Abstract

N-methylimidazole and pyridine derived Brönsted acidic ionic liquids were found to be highly active and stereo/regio-selective compared to various solid acid catalysts in fine chemicals (1–5) synthesis.


Brönsted acidic ionic liquids Acylation Biginelli reaction β-Amino ketone Esterification 



Author thanks Mr. Anu Prathap for his help in NMR and IR measurements. Author thanks Prof. M. K. Surappa, Director, IIT Ropar and Prof. B. D. Gupta, Head, Department of Chemistry, IIT Ropar for their constant encouragements.


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  1. 1.Department of ChemistryIndian Institute of Technology RoparRupnaharIndia

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