Catalysis Letters

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Development of Stable and Highly Active Bimetallic Ni–Au Catalysts Supported on Binary Oxides CrAl3O6 for POM Reaction

  • Tomasz P. Maniecki
  • Katarzyna Bawolak
  • P. Mierczyński
  • Wojciech K. Jozwiak


The resistance of supported Ni catalysts for carbon deactivation in CH4 partial oxidation (POM) was studied in this work. The 5%Ni/Al2O3 catalyst showed only 18% of CH4 conversion at 900 °C and 23% carbon deposition after 24 h run of POM. Both Au addition and binary support CrAl3O6 use seem to guarantee high activity (100% at 900 °C), selectivity (97% at 900 °C) and high carbon resistance (<1%). Furthermore the gold doped catalysts revealed only the presence of Cα and Cβ whereas the monometallic Ni catalysts showed the presence of graphitic carbon Cγ responsible for catalysts deactivation.


Bimetallic Ni–Au catalysts CrAl3O6 POM reaction Synthesis gas 



The financial support of this work by the Polish Scientific Research Council supports (Grant No. 1357/T09/2005/29) is gratefully acknowledged.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Tomasz P. Maniecki
    • 1
  • Katarzyna Bawolak
    • 1
  • P. Mierczyński
    • 1
  • Wojciech K. Jozwiak
    • 1
  1. 1.Technical University of LodzLodzPoland

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