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Properties and Activity of Al2O3 + ZSM-5 Supported Ni and NiRu Catalysts in 1-Methylnaphthalene Hydrogenation: Effect of Ni Incorporation Method and Calcining Procedure

  • Aleksandra Masalska


Ni (8 wt.% NiO) and NiRu (8 wt.% NiO and 1.1 wt.% RuO2) dewaxing catalysts containing a ZSM-5 zeolite were examined in the hydroconversion of 1-methylnaphthalene. The effect of the Ni incorporation method and thermal treatment of the Ni catalyst was examined. The catalysts were characterized by XRF, N2-sorption, TPR, H2-chemisorption, XPS, XRD and TPD-NH3. It has been found that the use of calcination in air for the decomposition of nickel nitrate deteriorates the activity of the Ni catalyst to the greatest extent. Ru not only enhances catalyst activity but also reduces the differences in activity resulting from the various methods of Ni catalyst preparation.


Ni catalyst RuNi catalysts 1-MN hydrogenation 



Financial support by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is gratefully acknowledged (N205 066 31/3012).


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