Catalysis Letters

, Volume 106, Issue 1–2, pp 55–60 | Cite as

Tailoring Alumina Support with Crystalline AlPO4-5 for Enhancing Hydrodesulfurization Activity

  • Baojian Shen
  • Huifeng Li
  • Shikong Shen

Crystalline AlPO4-5 modified alumina was firstly developed as support for hydrodesulfurization (HDS). It can promote the reducibility of metal oxides, inhibit inactive nickel spinel formation and facilitate more polymeric tungsten species formation, which favors the promotion effect of nickel on tungsten and results in an enhanced activity in HDS of DBT.


crystalline AlPO4-5 alumina tailoring composite support metal-support interactions hydrodesulfurization 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing, The Key Laboratory of Catalysis of CNPC, and Faculty of Chemical Science and EngineeringChina University of Petroleum-BeijingBeijing ChangpingChina

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