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Irradiation as a Safety Procedure in Tissue Banking

  • Anna Dziedzic-Goclawska
  • Artur Kaminski
  • Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz
  • Wacław Stachowicz


The Central Tissue Bank in Warsaw was established in 1963 and since then ionising radiation has been routinely applied to sterilise tissue grafts. Connective tissue grafts such as bone, cartilage, tendons, sclera, pericardium, skin, acellular dermis and amnion irradiated with a dose of 35 kGy in a 60Co source and/or with an electron beam 10 MeV accelerator are prepared in our Tissue Bank and two other multi-tissue banks operating in Poland. Over 250,000 radiation-sterilised tissue grafts have been prepared and used in hospitals throughout Poland and no infectious disease transmission or other adverse post-transplantation reactions have been reported up to today. It should be kept in mind however, that high doses of ionising radiation can evoke numerous chemical and physical changes that may affect the biological quality of tissue allografts. Therefore, interdisciplinary research has been undertaken at the Central Tissue Bank in Warsaw to establish the origin and stability of free radicals and other paramagnetic entities induced by irradiation in bone. The effects of various preservation procedures (e.g. lyophilisation, deep-freezing) and irradiation conditions (doses, temperature of irradiation) on the osteoinductive potential and mechanical properties of bone and on the degradation of collagen, a major constituent of all connective tissue grafts, have been also studied. The results of these studies indicate that radiation-induced changes can be diminished by modification of tissue preservation methods and that, to some extent, it is possible to reduce undesired radiation-induced damage to the tissue grafts.


Collagen degradation Radiation sterilisation Tissue banking Tissue grafts 


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  • Artur Kaminski
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  • Izabela Uhrynowska-Tyszkiewicz
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  2. 2.Department of Transplantology & Central Tissue BankMedical University of WarsawWarsawPoland
  3. 3.Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and TechnologyWarsawPoland

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