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Eleanor W. Lynch, Marci J. Hanson (eds): Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A Guide for Working with Children and their Families

Paul H. Brookes, Baltimore, MD, 2004, 518 pp
  • Foluso Otuyelu

Developing Cross-Cultural Competence: A guide for working with children and their families provides valuable information for service providers working with children and families from different cultural backgrounds. The goal of the book is to assist readers in becoming more sensitive to cultural differences, while obtaining knowledge about variations in cultural practices. Specifically tailored to service providers and professionals, this book would be especially helpful to professionals working in the field of childhood early intervention and developmental disabilities.

The editors of the book utilized their expertise in the area of special education along with contributions from other experts on various cultures, and developed a culturally rich, easy to read text that is essential for culturally competent practice. Basic information about the historical backgrounds, values, and beliefs shared by members of different cultural communities is presented to assist service providers in...

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