Novel Dynamic Method for Control of Dynamic Viscosity of Liquids

A description is given of a new dynamic method for controlling the dynamic viscosity of liquids. The method is different from the previously known ones in that the angular acceleration of a probe immersed in a liquid sample under investigation is used as a control parameter. As an example, dynamic viscosity of a sample of G-Energy 10W-60 engine oil was monitored by the dynamic method. The discrepancy between the results of monitoring the dynamic viscosity of the oil in the temperature range from 40 to 100 °C by the developed dynamic method and the passport data (according to GOST 33–2016) was slightly more than 2 %.

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Translated from Khimicheskoe i Neftegazovoe Mashinostroenie, Vol. 56, No. 10, pp. 24–27, October, 2020.

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  • viscometer
  • dynamic viscosity
  • engine oil
  • laboratory bench