Study of the Dependence of the Lateral Pressure Coefficient on the Compaction Pressure during Pressing of Powder Materials

The article describes a method and associated equipment for determining the coefficient of lateral pressure when pressing and ejecting pyrotechnic elements depending on the compaction pressure. The dependence between the force parameters of loading, the coefficient of lateral pressure and the density of powder materials during pressing is experimentally confirmed. The results can be used to determine the parameters that comprise the passport characteristics of products made of pressed powders.

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Correspondence to V. Yu. Arkhangelskii.

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Translated from Khimicheskoe i Neftegazovoe Mashinostroenie, Vol. 56, No. 7, pp. 33−35, July, 2020.

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Prokhorovskii, A.E., Arkhangelskii, V.Y., Emel’yanov, M.V. et al. Study of the Dependence of the Lateral Pressure Coefficient on the Compaction Pressure during Pressing of Powder Materials. Chem Petrol Eng 56, 569–574 (2020).

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  • pressing
  • lateral pressure coefficient
  • density
  • experimental method