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Some data on two-tier impellers of pumps for reservoir pressure maintenance systems

  • E. G. Knyazeva

In this article, data are reported on creation of a two-tier impeller for a centrifugal pump in the reservoir pressure management (RPM) system. The design was based on numerical experiment performed with the aid of ANSYS CFX 11 software. The new design of the impeller with addition of a second row of blades made it possible to heighten the (pressure) head to the required level while retaining the efficiency of the basic design. A comparison of full-scale test data for a batch of pumps with a fixed set of modernization and forecast characteristics showed fairly good agreement. The two-tier impeller test data help consider such a method of elevating impeller head promising. The work on the determination of the influence of geometry of the second tier (row) of blades on variation of head and efficiency should be continued.


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  • E. G. Knyazeva
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  1. 1.HMS Group Management CompanyMoscowRussia

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